Massage FAQ's


Massage location

Massage by Vince offers flexible, on site experiences to cater to you wherever you might be. Your massage session may take place in any of the following settings: a warm comfortable quiet room with soft relaxing music in my studio in the Woodlands. Or if you are visiting the beautiful Woodlands area and have booked accommodations at one of our fine high end luxury hotels your massage can come to you! Massage by Vince also offers an in home massage service where I can travel to your location. 



Massage Dressing
Massage approval

HOw should I dress? 

Most massages are traditionally performed with the client unclothed and laying flat on a massage table that is perfectly dressed and fitted for your comfort. You may however undress to you level comfort. The massage table dressing provides clean comfortable sheets used to drape over and cover you at all times. Your massage therapist will leave you in private while you undress and return once you have relaxed onto the table an have covered yourself.


HOw will my massage feel during my session?

If you should the Swedish massage you session may start with broad, flowing strokes that calm your nervous system and relax your exterior muscle tension. Pressure will gradually increase but can be adjust to your preference at your request. You will be given a option of massage oil or cream o be applied during your session. Your massage will include work on your arms, back, legs, hands, head, neck, feet, and shoulders. Should you feel uncomfortable at any time please inform your therapist. You should make yourself comfortable during your massage and allow the therapist to gently move or adjust you where is needed. Just close your eyes and RELAX! You may ask any questions you want during your session. 

How will I feel after my session?

After your session you will be very relaxed. Some may even feel a sense of freedom from aches and pain. Please drink water after your session.


Massage Medical Issues
Massage wellness

When should I not get a massage?

There are some medical conditions that prohibit you from receiving massage so its imperative that before your session begins you should inform your practitioner of any medical conditions you might have and of any medications you are taking. Depending on your condition it may be required to get approval from your doctor. 

There are many benefits from massage therapy including but not limited to, release of chronic muscular tension and pain, improved circulation, joint flexibility, improved mental and physical fatigue and stress, and faster healing of an injury!